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The Zen Sun Weekly is a newsletter featuring an original Zen teaching, meditation resources, news of upcoming events, practice opportunities including 1:1 support, the Zoom link to a daily meditation session, and a recommended song for your playlist. Shipped to inboxes every Sunday.

"I read a lot of profound spiritual writing and still find your words priceless, thanks!" —Jane Birch, Provo, UT

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—Penelope Wong, Berea, KY

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Silent meditation (online, daily). This is an easy and informal way to experience the power of meditating with others and to deepen your practice. We begin the 20-minute session with three bells at 7am PT | 8am MT | 10am ET, and end with two bells. 

Doors open 15 minutes early. Beginners and imperfectionsists welcome. Fine to drop in for just a few minutes. There are no instructions given: just silent sitting.

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Coaching for Writers

Interested in becoming more consistent, productive, and resilient as a writer? Working with a coach can be the reset you need.

You'll gain freedom from the plagues of mind that so often haunt writers: resistance, self-doubt, lack of ideas—and establish a sustainable writing routine. 

Along the way, you'll have opportunities to:

  • explore how meditation can be a powerful ally;

  • set goals that create momentum and allow you to complete projects;

  • establish a strategy for publication and marketing.

I offer one-on-one immersions and, starting in 2022, 12-week group immersions, and also mini-retreats. 


More details here  or  email me to schedule an exploratory call.