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What is coaching?

Coaching is a process that allows you to adjust your path forward 

so you can experience more balance and meaning. 

Specifically, our work together allows you to:

  • successfully navigate career and life transitions;

  • clarify and take next steps;

  • strengthen goal setting, time management, and project   

       management skills;

  • enhance leadership skills;

  • align work with values;

  • complete writing projects (fiction, nonfiction, poetry);

  • establish or deepen a meditation practice (or similar discipline) to help sustain new habits and routines.

Coaching sessions are conducted remotely, via Zoom or phone, and incorporate guided reflection and inquiry, Zen-inspired focusing techniques, customized daily practices to enhance innovative ways of thinking, collaborative Google docs for 

homework between sessions, and accountability support.


You can benefit from coaching if you identify with any of the following: 

  • You're feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed by options;

  • You feel the need to live and work with more purpose and authenticity but you're not sure how to proceed;


  • You are in the midst of a career or life transition and would like clarity about next steps;

  • You're experiencing burnout or a toxic work environment;

  • You know what you want and how to proceed, but you're not proceeding;

  • You would like to start or complete a writing project but are currently

              feeling stuck;

  • You would like to improve goal-setting, time management, or project management skills;

  • You believe you would benefit from an accountability partner.

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with Hoag

Current Rates and Packages (sliding scale options available):

Package of six 60-minute sessions (one every week or two) = $750

One month package of four 20-minute strategy sessions = $200 

Two month package of eight 20-minute strategy sessions = $375

Six month package of 25 20-minute strategy sessions = $1000

60-minute sessions allow for more exploration and reflection while 20-minute sessions allow just enough time to identify one or two actionable items each week.

Clients can opt to have sessions recorded.

First exploratory session (up to one hour) is free.

Custom packages available.

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