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Hoag Holmgren is a teacher in the Mountain Path Sangha, a Zen practice community that offers daily meditation via Zoom, in-person meditation at the Rollinsville Zen Center in Colorado, discussion groups, private instruction, koan teachings, retreats, talks, and the ZEN SUN WEEKLY, a newsletter delivered every Sunday to subscribers. He's also a personal coach and a facilitator of workshops and retreats.   


He is the author of No Better Place: a New Zen Primer and other books. He sees Zen as a whole body-mind art that allows one to live an ordinary life with extraordinary depth. 

Hoag can be contacted here.​​​

More about the Mountain Path Sangha lineage:

Two Zen masters of modern Japan, Daiun Sogaku Harada (1870-1961) and Hakuun Ryoko Yasutani (1885-1973) established a new school of Zen Buddhism that combined what they believed were the strongest features of both the Soto and Rinzai sects. Philip Kapleau (Rochester Zen Center) and Robert Aitken (Diamond Sangha), two American students of Harada and Yasutani, were highly influential in bringing this lively and integral school of Zen to the West after training in Japan for many years. Hoag's teacher, Danan Michael Henry, is a Dharma heir of Philip Kapleau and also a sanctioned Diamond Sangha master under Robert Aitken. Hoag began studying with Danan Henry in 1994 at the Zen Center of Denver and received permission to teach in 2018. 

Diamond Sangha Teachers Ethics Agreement & the White Plum Asangha
Code of Ethical Conduct
 (links to the Zen Center of Denver website)

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