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“Fills a significant gap in the teaching and learning literature. I am particularly impressed with the ability of the volume to serve simultaneously as text, guide, and reference, and suspect that artist-teachers will find the same utility.”

—David Chase, coauthor of Assessment in Creative Disciplines: Quantifying and Qualifying the Aesthetic

"A rich resource for educational developers.”
—International Journal for Academic Development (IJAD)

College and university faculty in the arts (visual, studio, language, music, design, and others) regularly grade and assess undergraduate student work but often with little guidance or support. As a result, many arts faculty, especially new faculty, adjunct faculty, and graduate student instructors, feel bewildered and must “reinvent the wheel” when grappling with the challenges and responsibilities of grading and assessing student work.


Meaningful Grading: A Guide for Faculty in the Arts enables faculty to create and implement effective assessment methodologies—research based and field tested—in traditional and online classrooms. In doing so, the book reveals how the daunting challenges of grading in the arts can be turned into opportunities for deeper student learning, increased student engagement, and an enlivened pedagogy.

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