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The paleos poetry project was inspired by the discovery of a number of glyphs and geometric symbols that recur in Paleolithic rock art around the world. Ice Age Europeans developed these signs over a period of 30,000 years: possible evidence of an early gesture toward formal writing. The intent here is not to define or translate artifacts of the archaic mind—even if such a thing were possible—but to illuminate a shared hem of being. 

"Radical kennings meld the bodies—'crowberries,' 'marmotpaw,'
 'winterhoney,' 'mountainclad,'—while echoic structures of twinned forms draw the eye to the line. 'Of ash javelins/no need/for horizon watching/the eggshell starmap/finds the troves.' Holmgren’s  p a l e o s  startles us awake."     
— Matthew Cooperman

"In these poems, Holmgren sends us back to memories etched into the rock and elements. These are incantations that invite us to commune with the primitive pastoral."   
—Juan Morales

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